Who Draws Better? :)

Who Draws Better? :) – draw and compete against your friends!

Who Draws Better? :) is a fun 3-player turn-based drawing game.
The game consists of 9 rounds.

The first round starts by player 1 selecting a word to be drawn by the other two players from a list of words. Players 2 and 3 are informed about what word they have to draw and each of them gets 60 seconds to finish the drawing. At the end of the 60 seconds, the drawings are sent back to player 1, who has to decide which drawing is better. The player whose drawing was selected receives the coins for that round. The game continues then with the next round, where the roles change: player 2 is now the one selecting the word to be drawn and players 1 and 3 do the drawings. At the end of the 9 rounds, the player having the most coins wins.

There are 3 types of words – easy, medium and hard. The easy words are worth 1 coin, the medium ones 2 coins and the hard ones 3 coins. The players can use bombs to explode the current set of words and replace it with a new set. More bombs can be bought in the store by using the accumulated coins or by getting more coins from the shop.